Despina Michailidis lives in Toronto, Canada.

By day, Despina organizes the hell out of things and by night she creates. In her in-between time, she does yoga, bakes gluten-free treats and reads voraciously.


  • business consultant
  • project manager
  • problem-solver

Bucket List

  • visit Big Sur ✓
  • learn how to bake a loaf of gluten-free bread that doesn't taste like gluten-free bread ✓
  • acquire Labradoodle
  • make peace with chaturanga
  • buy a little house by the ocean

Can’t Live Without

  • food: ice cream
  • tools: “Olivia” my MacBook Air, and “Ophelia” my iPad mini, and “Olympia” my iPhone
  • yoga: I’ve been practicing yoga since August 2011 and it has changed my whole way of being


  • travel — I love to experience new places, cultures, people and food
  • photography — especially impromptu pictures with my iPhone
  • baking — only now it has to be gluten-free