And So it Begins

So, I’ve signed myself up for a 3 week challenge at my hot yoga studio, Moksha Yoga Thornhill. All I have to do is practice daily from Monday to Friday at 6:30am. Not too hard right?

Okay, so maybe I’ve never taken a 6:30am class. I am a lifetime member of the Night Owls club, but I can overcome that, right? I just need to get to bed an hour or two (okay three tops) earlier. No excuses. No late night FaceTime calls with my boyfriend who lives on the West Coast. Hopefully, no late nights at work. Straight to bed for me.

Nevermind that I’ve done a maximum of three classes in a week like twice in 3 years. What’s another two classes? Besides, one of them is a Ying Yang class. That’s got to be a breeze, right?

So what if I’ve volunteered for an extra two Energy Exchange shifts on top of my regular Wednesday shift in the first week of the challenge? Nine hours of cleaning, doing laundry and mopping sweaty floors should be a breeze after waking up at 5am all week.

Oh, and let’s not forget that I signed up for a course at University of Toronto on Tuesday nights. What better time to start a class than smack damn in the middle of my challenge? Let’s call it a challenge within a challenge, shall we?

After 44 years of being me, I’ve learned that this is just how I roll. Ask me to participate in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer and I’ll say yes, after just having recovered from a debilitating surgery that left me bedridden for 9 weeks. Want me to walk a half marathon? No problem. Who needs to work their way up with a few 5 or 10 k’s? How hard can it be?

I’ll let you know at the end of week 1.